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go light on the wax, but expect creases like with shell
www.sartorial-footwear.tumblr.com just ordered some of these!
i have never had an issue with my GG's just walk thru like normal
they all died, and the young guys dont like hard work for small money, this is why the tradition is lost
i see you keep the best ones for your self ;-)its a hard life
sweet looks great, will you be showcasing more of his work?
i am guessing its these?
no idea on why corthay would do it, tradition??yes for me it was to do something different from what i had
Corthay do it or at least did it on their RTW's, i think it is more a classic feature and definatly more casual so IMO it goes well with these
should have been wish, typing with my phone in the taxi home
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