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Tan and Dark Brown China Buck Skin G&G's
Lastest bespoke's from G&G...........
Been a while sine i have really posted any porn anywhere, so here it goes..... New bespokes for moi, Dark Brown Super rare China Buck Monks Tan China Buck Chukka's Laser Medalion Derby - Tan Hatch grain
yup looks great, but i so prefer chukka's on round toed lasts
rumor has it when they are in HK they pocket quite a few from the restaurants
interesting those last look so much nicer than SC's normal ones, along with koji's refined designs, wonder if they are still using toothpicks for the waist
love the profile on that shoe
needs a medalion to balance the desgn and the ging else where, basicall it make the toe look bould IMO
look nice! wheres the cloth from?
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