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no only are those spot are an issue, look how they have creased - aweful, some of the worse leather i have ever seen!
i have always wondered what it would look like to burnish in dark brown other than black on their crust navy????
it would depend on the shoe and the design, for the chukka or derbys id just use cream, but if it was a cap toe i would use wax and mirror shine it, a wing tip, then well it would depend on the occasion maybe just wax or i might go with a mirrow shine.i also am not a fan of mirror shines on plain fronts too
there is one that is or has more antiquing is a crust leather, which is similur to EG's and will over time gain a great patina, the other is aniline which is your more normally dyed leather, flatter in its depth but easier to maintain than crust IMO
best to look on bespoke englands tumblr
perhaps you could ask in passing next time, but i know my impala's kin was source in italy because Tony told me so
are there any wholesale markets, perhaps you can source some for us????:D
try the impala, ver similar in texture
thats it, green summit
Nice shoes, great leather, i would much prefer as a wallet over shoes, as i am sure the cantonese have a saying about men in green shoe
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