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honestly i dont know, again it goes to what i said about preconceived expections - hence if i was to do it again, i would order a pair from my 3 favorite makers and then from there continue the relationship with whom i have a prefence for from the better fitting shoes.
yeah sounds about right
these are both great and valid points, both of which i understand, but i might be missing out on an even better pair of better fitting shoes else where - you never know unless you try, then from that point you can build the relationship once you have decided, which are the more suitable for you
G&G by default on mine are an 1" high which IIRC is there RTW default too, any higher and you are getting into cowboy boot area IMO, maybe Bengal can comment on the london standard heel hight?
fit is down to prefence, expection and culture from my expirance, i know a friend who much prefers the fit of his clev's over G&G as he like then super tight, and he says that clev's leather is noticalbe thinner and softer than G&G so for him thats what he like, were as i hate overly tight shoes and prefer the looser fit over the ball area but a nice tight heel, which for me G&G do perfectly.i agree that the shoe should fit your feet, but it should also have a nice...
with regards to the flat feel, having live in Asia for 16 years, i'd say 90% of the locals i have met have flat feet, and the bespoke makers i have spoke over the years too, also say the same, but not to generalise too much!from the pictures you posted it is hard to tell how contoured they are, but looking at the clev shoes on this site id say your feet are similar but if you compare the fosters...
too many straight lines in the last, no curve or contours, which for me makes them look quite shapeless and very generic RTW feel to them IMO - the lobbs have a more defined shape, also look at them and compare them to the japanese bespoke shoe thread, any of the shoes in there, and id guess most of those shoes too are made for folks with flat feet too.also i am not a fan of how they have done the side seam too, if they can do seamless then which is fine, because i know...
this look miles more bespoke than those cleverleys just posted
that leather is sooooo nice!
what a great rational for accept sub-standard good's, rather you than me!
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