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yea i keep thinking in sadle or whiskey shell
i've always fancied these
who in said? the best things in life are worth the wait?
also alot of the workshops will be close for a couple of weeks of CNY so if you are planing anything over the next few weeks you might be dissapointed
nola just interested to see if they were a 1 off or not
i think they would only go up, normally around CNY
have you got anythng else on order???
yes it does!
yes these are on the TG73
USED G&G Gables in Vintage Oak Calf in UK Size 8E on the TG73 The shoes come with tree's box and dust bags All prices are including international shipping and i take (personal) paypal only otherwise please add 4% to the total cost, Hong Kong postage or pick up is welcome PM me for details Thanks for looking If further pictures of any details are needed please feel free to ask otherwise all sales are final
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