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no biggy if it does, adds to the patina hehe, but yes with a bit of local fire water and a good brushin and then some cream they look ok!
cheers it was a peice of cake just time and some elbow grease:D
no big deal they are just shoes afterall - adds charactor to them
these are nice!
same way that you make good wine, awesome beer and great bread - airbourne yeast spoils haha, plus this is what you get for not for not wearing them for over 6 months or polishing them enough etc i think the dark brown ones i wore out in the rain whilst on the p155
Mouldy shoes! m dont you just love HK weather Close up!! Neglected shoes in need of some TLC All after a little TLC!!!
I did not realize you'd ordered so many:embar:
nothing wrong with an EZM 1!
New G's??
such as what design/ styles? most are MTO
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