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yup those are mine, thro' i am still pending another pair:embar:
http://www.moutaichina.com/en/about/about.html just some of this to help clear of the mold, but if you try it with like vidka do but too much other wise it will stripe back the polish
no biggy if it does, adds to the patina hehe, but yes with a bit of local fire water and a good brushin and then some cream they look ok!
cheers it was a peice of cake just time and some elbow grease:D
no big deal they are just shoes afterall - adds charactor to them
these are nice!
same way that you make good wine, awesome beer and great bread - airbourne yeast spoils haha, plus this is what you get for not for not wearing them for over 6 months or polishing them enough etc i think the dark brown ones i wore out in the rain whilst on the p155
Mouldy shoes! m dont you just love HK weather Close up!! Neglected shoes in need of some TLC All after a little TLC!!!
I did not realize you'd ordered so many:embar:
nothing wrong with an EZM 1!
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