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yes this is my expirance too, i have consider piggy for loafers too so i will be keen to see how yours fair
eyes i agree, i love the color too, TG did a great job on it, but this is one of G&G's selling points IMO
^^ the pig skins look great!, how do you find the creasing? also how do you find the fit for loafer as piggy does not have a memory like carf so i find once it has stretched it wont return to its normal shape?
Done :-)
ok let me know if you dont get it
sent it too you, let me know if you got it
i have the sample in my draw if i remeber i will snap it for yousuch as life ;-)
agree! some should need to made in a certain way, if these had been a single sole with the beveling and fiddle for me they would need to be 2 - 4 eyelet's to make the more city
Dunno if this leather is available for mto, best contact them dirrectly
I like the dove but like fritzl dont like the heel counter, so if i am gonna do coutry shoe best to make it with a double sole imoWhats wrong with the color?????
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