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best you've posted
yes Tony did post pictures at different stages of there making, TG has made quite a few of these in the past esp when he was at EG as this is based on the weymouththanks guys!
yes, i got Tony to make them to have a very vintage feel, so know the kinds of shoes you normally post, then yes these should appeal to you
cross post from thr G&G thread
Bespoke Bow Wing Adelaide in Vintage Cedar Impala detail shots of the waist outside...... inside......
just posted on their blog USA Autumn/Fall bespoke and made-to-order show 2012 New York The Benjamin hotel 125E 50th street New York (212) 7152500 17th October 9am-5pm 18th October 9am - 5pm Leffot 10 Christopher street New York (212) 989 4577 19th October 10am-6pm San Fransisco Wilkes Bashford 375 Sutter street San Fransisco (415) 986 4380 27th October 10am-6pm The Huntington hotel 1075 California street San Fransisco (415) 474 5400 28th October 9am-1pm 29th...
how soon??
wow thats some haul!!
whats's coming?
thanks for posting sad to hear, as he made some great shoes!Yes made from Kudu
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