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yes Tony did post pictures at different stages of there making, TG has made quite a few of these in the past esp when he was at EG as this is based on the weymouththanks guys!
yes, i got Tony to make them to have a very vintage feel, so know the kinds of shoes you normally post, then yes these should appeal to you
cross post from thr G&G thread
Bespoke Bow Wing Adelaide in Vintage Cedar Impala detail shots of the waist outside...... inside......
just posted on their blog USA Autumn/Fall bespoke and made-to-order show 2012 New York The Benjamin hotel 125E 50th street New York (212) 7152500 17th October 9am-5pm 18th October 9am - 5pm Leffot 10 Christopher street New York (212) 989 4577 19th October 10am-6pm San Fransisco Wilkes Bashford 375 Sutter street San Fransisco (415) 986 4380 27th October 10am-6pm The Huntington hotel 1075 California street San Fransisco (415) 474 5400 28th October 9am-1pm 29th...
how soon??
wow thats some haul!!
whats's coming?
thanks for posting sad to hear, as he made some great shoes!Yes made from Kudu
yes this is my expirance too, i have consider piggy for loafers too so i will be keen to see how yours fair
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