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sweet looks great, will you be showcasing more of his work?
i am guessing its these?
no idea on why corthay would do it, tradition??yes for me it was to do something different from what i had
Corthay do it or at least did it on their RTW's, i think it is more a classic feature and definatly more casual so IMO it goes well with these
should have been wish, typing with my phone in the taxi home
yes like you said fit is perfect, there is a lot more room than you think
this design apeals to me just with they were not black
Whats not uncommon?
lol, i like the term! i will check with TG next time i see him
BSyes you are right it is a sq2 outter/ lateral and a bevelled inner/ medial. i never knew it was call a combination waist, i just ask Tony to make them similar to 1 of his bespoke samples.i dont have a picture of the sole but i can take one for you later if you like? through the light might be poorthere is no fiddle there, it is just plain, i think corthay also finishes his sole in the same way??
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