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yes like you said fit is perfect, there is a lot more room than you think
this design apeals to me just with they were not black
Whats not uncommon?
lol, i like the term! i will check with TG next time i see him
BSyes you are right it is a sq2 outter/ lateral and a bevelled inner/ medial. i never knew it was call a combination waist, i just ask Tony to make them similar to 1 of his bespoke samples.i dont have a picture of the sole but i can take one for you later if you like? through the light might be poorthere is no fiddle there, it is just plain, i think corthay also finishes his sole in the same way??
best you've posted
yes Tony did post pictures at different stages of there making, TG has made quite a few of these in the past esp when he was at EG as this is based on the weymouththanks guys!
yes, i got Tony to make them to have a very vintage feel, so know the kinds of shoes you normally post, then yes these should appeal to you
cross post from thr G&G thread
Bespoke Bow Wing Adelaide in Vintage Cedar Impala detail shots of the waist outside...... inside......
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