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Yes Daniel has changed the meassuring process, now it is alot more complex, also G&G are doing fitting shoes so it gives you a chance to double check the fit before the final shoes are made.
If it is the brown sting ray BS samples frpm G&G then that has a rear seam, i think there also might be a deco in black ray too. I remember that Tony told me they broke close to 20 needles trying to stitch them whilst making them, i honestly dont think sting ray would be possible todo seamless, nor croc or ostrich!
i dont think it will be an issue, china buck is a kind of sueded deer skin
A lot of crup coming, i bet they love you, as i know most hate working with it, looking forward to seeing them all, i think the only horror with the cap toe derby would be if it is in black (dont tell fritzl i said so ;-)) i am thinking about some loafers a pair in suede/ china buck and also perhaps a sueded lizard skin
whats next from either of your makers?
why didnt you go with them unlined at the ancle??
very nice, worth a re-quoteare they lined?
well let me know you contact details via PM and perhaps we can arrange that bump when i am in Melbourne
same maker, just a few years more practice since mine
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