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those are mine, bespoke
Lovely drape in the back
having seen @kolecho's linen jacket IRL it is perhaps one of the better balanced jackets i have seen, classic in it proportions, drape in the right places light neat hand stitching plus been a great color
just spent some time with Gennaro, for most of the afternoon bith him and his nethew were great company, not only sharing they sartorial stories but with the general topics of converstion, looking forward to seeing them later when they next come!
i am super looking forward to this trunk show, good on you kolecho
last HK trunk show, but only MTO i just wanted something i can beat around
these look great i have a pair of these incoming in suede:slayer:
this comment makes no sense, i doubt any tree coated or not will help with this, why would you want to retain the moisture absorbed in the tree in the shoe, if you want to let the air you best to leave the tree out for a short time before you insert it back in.from all the shoe makers i have ever spoken too, the general purpose of the tree it to retain the shape and preserve the leather from excess creasing - does nothing for absorbing moisture coated or not - AFAIK this...
what a service
what a con
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