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So? ...
I'm resurrecting this. I ended up buying the Meermins and have now been wearing them for about two months. While they are every bit the value that my other Meermins proved to be, my assumption was correct: they are a bit too sleek and pointy for my tastes, and I find them aesthetically inferior to my Aldens. I will continue to wear them in select contexts, but I think tassels look better on a slightly more blunt last.
Anybody else notice this? Anybody seen such detailing on a business suit before?
But what brand are they? How can I find some myself?
I know nothing about Gucci MTM, but I can attest to the quality of the classic bit loafer. Mine were bought new in 2005 and have seen very heavy service in the ensuing decade. They have held up quite well. I recommend having a Topy added to the soles and having that replaced rather than risking a resole, which is not a safe bet with moccasin-constructed shoes. I can understand why folks think that these shoes would be poor quality—designer goods often are—but I have been...
Did anyone notice that Patriot's owner Robert Kraft was wearing a worsted business suit with a throat latch during the Super Bowl? This is a seriously strange detail in my opinion, and I can't imagine why somebody would want this enough to direct their tailor to add it. (I think it is safe to presume that his suits are bespoke—if for no other reason than the presence of said throat latch, which I could never see a RTW maker putting on a business suit.)
Where did you get these, Cleav?
Yes, but even wider stripes would be cool. Thanks.
Who carries a late selection of block stripe ties – ties with very wide diagonal stripes? I remember a Japanese trad web store that had a cool selection, but I can't remember their name. None of the usual suspects, like BB, Press, or Ben Silver seem to have anything with the truly wide stripes I'm envisioning; rather they have ties with something in between my ideal and a regular repp or bar stripe. Thanks in advance.
Accidentally pitched my 25-year old Dremel Regent shoe buffer in a move. I understand that Dremel no longer makes these (which baffles me), so I'm looking for another brand of replacement with the same quality. I've heard a brand called 3-Star is very good. Can anyone corroborate this? Any other ideas? I've seen a lot of alternatives that are frankly laughable, such as the one sold by Sharper Image—I don't want one of those.
New Posts  All Forums: