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I need a blazer—that's the value in having it fixed, assuming that would be cheaper than getting a new one. Or do you think this is too far-gone to even try; that I should just suck-up a new one?
Thanks, Chris. I actaully just got an email back from William Field here in DC that essentially said the same thing. He thinks he can fix this, but I'm not sure the cost would be justified since the alterations might be almost as much as the jacket was to begin with--we shall see. This is MTM done remotely--and yes, I know that is not advised. The shame is that the jacket looks very good from the front. I think that the big mistake here was insisting on a soft shoulder....
Any thôughts?
I get the impression that Mercer isn't as flexible—that there is less customization and you can't really do a slim fit because it's not in their aesthetic realm (which I understand). Also, you can get good oxford cloth from Hemrajani for about $50/shirt less.
Thank you. Any insight on the fabrics they carry?
I curious about Sofio's MTM tailored clothing. I saw a guy wearing a suit from them the other day that generally looked very nice—if the guy had any taste, I bet the suit would have looked even better. Anybody know makes their garments for them? What are the price points for full canvas garments? What sort of piece goods do they stock—the we site indicates these are mostly Italian, which doesn't bode well for finding something nice and heavy (13+ oz.).
I just went to a very well-regarded alterations tailor near me that told me the back of this jacket could not be cleaned-up—the armholes are too high and the jacket is cut with drape behind the shoulders to allow for movement. Is he right? @Despos
I think this looks very nice! I agree that the sleeve pitch is a little off, but that's correctable, and it's not that bad to begin with. Have you ordered more from Elio since this?
Thank you for this information. The maker is going to put a thin pad in this. I hate to think I can't have a natural shoulder without going bespoke, but I think to time for me to bit the bullet. I wind-up paying dearly in time and money trying to perfect these MTM garments—I'm slowly realizing I either need to 1) became less anal and stop chasing my tail, or 2) get to work developing a pattern with a local tailor. Now, to find that tailor for less than $3-4k/suit. ...
New Posts  All Forums: