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One more try...
Has anyone had their tailor taper Bills M2s? Can you post a picture of the results?
Looks promising. Thank you!
I'm looking for a classic grey crewneck sweatshirt with high armholes—ideally very high. Please forgive me if this has been covered, but all of the threads that I can find on sweatshirts fail to specifically address armholes.
So? ...
I'm resurrecting this. I ended up buying the Meermins and have now been wearing them for about two months. While they are every bit the value that my other Meermins proved to be, my assumption was correct: they are a bit too sleek and pointy for my tastes, and I find them aesthetically inferior to my Aldens. I will continue to wear them in select contexts, but I think tassels look better on a slightly more blunt last.
Anybody else notice this? Anybody seen such detailing on a business suit before?
But what brand are they? How can I find some myself?
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