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Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 No. They are from a skin eating disease he had as a child. I thought someone spilled acid on him. How'd he land Heidi Klum witht that mug?
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman That's a heavy word. I think even as kids we all knew GI Joe was total cheese. I just kind of enjoyed the neurotic, jealous Destro with his silly metal eyebrows and fur collar. I guess we'll see how the movie looks. I'm just tired of all the movies-based-on-old-tv-shows thing. Its tired.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Destro looks disappointing. I miss Chris Latta. Agreed. Hollywood is welcome to stop destroying my childhood.
I worked for an attorney who drove his '06 Phantom all over the place. He eventually sold it for a Bentley Continental GTC. What a tough life.
Good luck here when it hits 120+ in the summer.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I hate the look. Especially if the buttons are left unbuttoned Agreed. Just not my cup of tea.
Quote: Originally Posted by ProfessorShak +1 on the Beltman I bought one of his causal 1.5 inch bullhides in brown and IT IS TOUGH. I've never tried his dress belts but I would hope they would be less stiff. Another vote for Beltman. I have two of his bullhides, black and brown respectively. I can't comment on his dress belts, but what I have is nicely made and durable. Holds my G21 just fine.
I'll miss his freakish, six-legged turkeys he had every Thanksgiving for the games he announced. You could tell the guy loved the sport. He was fun to watch.
Quote: Originally Posted by STYLE_ADDICT Which one do you wear with more confidence? Thats the one you wear. +1
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