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Count me in with the chorus of nays. I would avoid peak lapels as a federal prosecutor.
As I am the only attorney in my firm's NV office, I get to set the dress code. Suits and French cuffs all the time.
I hear battery acid does wonders.
Quote: Originally Posted by Macallan9 16 Days and counting... Wow. I'd make a call and get that tracking number. Good luck.
Quote: Originally Posted by Macallan9 Anybody still not received their orders? Getting somewhat concerned... It took 8 days from "despatch" to arrival for mine, if that's any help.
33 with the accompanying gray hairs to boot. Damn wife and kids.
Quote: Originally Posted by bokhan damn, too late for this. I don't know about that, keep checking the site. I looked yesterday and found some of the Willow Semi Brogues in my size. I snatched them up right away. You may also want to look into the special group buy TRL is putting together for folks here.
I used to have a '70 Chevelle as a daily driver. Aftermarket big block (540ci), loads of fun to drive. Obviously sucked a lot of gas. It had some electrical issues that I could never get nailed down. If you are mechanically inclined and don't mind fiddling with a carb (floats, jets, etc.), timing, brakes, etc., then an old car can be a lot of fun for a daily driver. Otherwise, find something else.
I had it on while ironing shirts last night, it was disappointing. I had high expectations considering the cast, but it was not funny.
Congrats!! It's been a few years for me, but to everyone else, enjoy!
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