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This was pretty hit or miss.
At 6'6", my three-button suits far outnumber my two-button suits. 4:1
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 hes a piece of shit. he cares about nobody but himself. i cant believe any black person would even follow or listen to this guy. he's scum. +1 He's a poor spokesman for racial equality.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff im going to try this next time. thanks. And spend lots of money while you're here. Our local economy needs it!
I have to say that all the engineering contained in that photograph is mind boggling.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 Copy from their site: Shirt Construction Our traditional Jermyn Street style shirt construction is a complex piece of engineering! For example: * It has 33 separate components * There are 47 processes that bring these together * The collar alone has 12 components, which gives that vital hand-tailored appearance * Most shirt collars tend to be "fused" which means the interlining is glued onto...
My professional wardrobe is comprised mostly of TM Lewin shirts. Their fit and fabric are a great value (especially when the Dollar is strong). I have five of their suits as well as part of my daily rotation (along with five from CT). I like the fit of their suits, slimmer than a lot of the other stuff available at retail outlets around here. Good products, although their packing/shipping could use some work.
Loake has some nice shoes in their 1880 line. I've got a few.
Quote: Originally Posted by kannoos They also said that they apologise if the picture doesn't show it (the fact that the shirt has a wing collar) clearly. However, as it clearly appears to be a spread, should I just take the risk and buy it? I really do not want to end up with an attached wing collar, but I also really want that shirt. Their return policy is fairly liberal, fwiw.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ludeykrus My second car was a '67 300 Deluxe. 350 block, 400 turbo tranny. Some work. Since then, I've had some modern imports. Let me say that the Chevelle was without a doubt the scariest thing to drive in a corner and in the rain (loose body and suspension, pathetic disk brakes, etc). But damn, was it fun! Those '67s are nice cars!!
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