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At one time, ExxonMobil would hire new attorneys "in-house." I looked into this after law school a few years ago. However, it required an initial stint in their litigation section (which was fine by me). I suspect only the largest corporations can afford to train new attorneys for in-house work. The norm is a lateral move.
If you can get out with little debt, it might be advisable to stick it out. There some options for JDs that don't involve practicing law. You might find that your second and third year classes are more enjoyable, as you usually get some freedom in choosing your electives.
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn No, just figured people would grow out of children's novels. Then again, most haven't grown out of video games either, so at least people are reading I guess. I have some of my brother's old Goosebumps books in a box in the garage somewhere, any takers? According to your logic, adults shouldn't be seen at a Transformers movie either.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser I did this as well. I was a LR staff member second year. In my third year, I was a LR comment editor and competed in the school's moot court competition. I didn't make it out of the first round. I took the same path. I never made it out of the first round either. It was probably a blessing in disguise because as an editor, I was plenty busy. Quote: A lot of people compete in moot...
I can say in a real world application, law review is for more practical than moot court. I was an editor on LR in law school. I also competed in the school's moot court competition. Let's face it, when you first go out into practice, what are you more likely to be doing: (1) research and writing; or (2) arguing and drafting appellate briefs? Granted, both are valuable experiences, but I have found my LR experience far more useful in practice than moot court, and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I lol'd. iPhones are for fagz. Real men use BlackBerries. Considering the source, this statement would only confirm that the opposite is true.
Quote: Originally Posted by Clemson USAToday. Best news app I've found. +1 As a newly deflowered iPhone virgin, I've found this app to be excellent. I also use: Google Quickoffice Daysfrom (various Cliff Maier legal apps) Wikipanion Constitution Pandora games: Space Ace Wild West Pinball
Quote: Originally Posted by pg600rr Thats not really true, (atleast #2) you cant prosecute patents without passing the patent bar and you cant take the patent bar without a hard sciences degree. You don't need the patent bar to do IP litigation. You DO need it to do patent prosecution. I worked at a firm where one of the partners had built up his own IP litigation practice. His undergrad was Poli Sci. Patent work usually requires the...
It depends on the person. I won't harass a stranger, but if it's someone I know, of course.
Quote: Originally Posted by why Does Christian Bale actually act or does he do his usual in-front-of-a-camera persona? Does he do some growling too?
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