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I wear wingtips all the time with my suits. In fact, I'm wearing a pair of burgundy wings right now with my gray herringbone suit. I think in the US you can get away with wingtips and suits with no problem. I'm sure a majority of Americans think wingtips are more "dressy" than a captoe anyway.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy I will NEVER own a minivan. C'mon, even Kunk has one.
Quote: Originally Posted by thinman Requires a complete change in strategy, from man-to-man to zone. This was the biggest change for us. However, if you space them out enough, the oldest can help a little. This wasn't the case for us, as we had three kids in three years. For a time we had all three in diapers. The kids are a little older and play with each other now. If you can space them out, this will help a lot. Financially I don't...
I have several pink and pink-check dress shirts. Standard fare for me. I don't see the big deal (but I know others may). It's a pretty traditional color and looks great with my suits.
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Way to bring back a show and kill it all in one blow. Too bad, as Futurama was excellent.
At one time, ExxonMobil would hire new attorneys "in-house." I looked into this after law school a few years ago. However, it required an initial stint in their litigation section (which was fine by me). I suspect only the largest corporations can afford to train new attorneys for in-house work. The norm is a lateral move.
If you can get out with little debt, it might be advisable to stick it out. There some options for JDs that don't involve practicing law. You might find that your second and third year classes are more enjoyable, as you usually get some freedom in choosing your electives.
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn No, just figured people would grow out of children's novels. Then again, most haven't grown out of video games either, so at least people are reading I guess. I have some of my brother's old Goosebumps books in a box in the garage somewhere, any takers? According to your logic, adults shouldn't be seen at a Transformers movie either.
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