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Quote: Originally Posted by athletics I am a Zaino man myself. Its really been a great product over the years. Zaino is good stuff!
We packed into the van and drove to the Grand Canyon. None of this foreign travel stuff for us.
More cushion for the pushin'!
Quote: Originally Posted by bstang46 On a side note from the shirts, does anyone have any experience with Lewin's suits? In general, I am wondering how they compare to Brooks Brother's 1818 Fitz, in fit, quality, and construction. I need a few workhorse suits, and, with discount codes, Lewin's does not seem bad for 169 pounds. Along with the shirt I got two of their suits: The solid navy twill The Piccadilly dark grey I don't have any...
Quote: Originally Posted by bstang46 Yes, they are a hell of a lot slimmer than the regular cut shirts we find here in the U.S. As a matter of fact, I would say that Lewin's regular cut is the same as most American maker's slim cut, to a certain extent. I'll agree on this. I got my first Lewin shirt recently and the regular cut is noticeably slimmer than other RTW U.S. shirts I have. It's a much better fit, for me.
All ties are also on sale for 20 pounds.
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