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Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle are the CT shoes worth it at 99 pounds? i am thinking of the suede brogues I recently got a pair of the full brogue in suede. Very nice. I like mine. I think they were worth it. ETA: They have a favorable return policy if you don't like them.
Quote: Originally Posted by somatoform I don't understand this: their shoes (loakes), for example the full brogue suedes, are listed as 99 UK pounds. An xe conversion yields about $145USD. But their (CT's) US currency page lists the same shoes at $199USD. Do they use their own conversion? Yes. When I've bought anything from them, I purchase through their UK site, paying in pounds. I can get some decent deals that way.
A JD/MBA is pretty much useless, unless you work in-house. I know of one plaintiff's attorney in town who has a JD/MD. He's currently under federal investigation for a slew of alleged crimes (not that that has any bearing on his educational choices). He's been fairly successful, but there are plenty of more successful attorneys here who only have a JD. Don't waste your time and money. Get the JD if you really want it.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin They killed my father. No, I am your father!
Aw, my eyes! The goggles, they do nothing!
Fatburger is overpriced for mediocre burgers. In-n-Out and Tommy's beat them out by far.
I'm married, so of course...for girls.
I voted yes. They seem to be great for the office. But that's my preference.
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