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Exactly! ThanksI like a simple design, no breast pockets etc, I am very tall and slim...I am looking for this kind of rounded collar:(Random google pictures)
I am currently living in Tokyo and I am looking for a new leather jacket. Anyone know a store with a good selection of nice leather jackets somewhere in Tokyo?
I am getting a new leather jacket, and i have found one that i like that fits really well, but compared to "normal" leather jackets this jacket has a much higher collar, it covers the whole neck when its fully zipped up. So what do you guys say, is this kind of collar normal for a leather jacket? dont know if i should get this one or try to find another one i like. Brand: Burberry. The 2 straps are removable.
Recently I have bought a few new cardigans and all of them have 5 buttons that are around 1 inch wide. However I have seen cardigans with more buttons that are much smaller. So I want to know how many and how big buttons a cardigan should have, or maybe its just a matter of personal taste? I find the smaller buttons kind of feminine....
Thanks for the comments. I have to think a few days before I decide if I'm going to do anything about the sleeves. If I decided to get them lengthen, 0,5 inches should be enough right? I'm a little surprised that all of guys liked the length of the pants, as they just barely hits the top of the shoes. While sitting down I kind of look like Urkel. But maybe the length standing is the only thing that matters?
Yes, its yet another rate my suit thread.... I know that many here on SF is not too keen on slim fit suits... but hey you cant please everyone. I am mostly looking for comments about the sleeve and leg length. I posted a picture in another thread where some thought that my jacket sleeves were too short. This is a picture of the inside of the sleeve, how much of this fabric can I use if i choose to lengthen my sleeves? And do I have to move the buttons...
Is the shirt sleeve too long or the jacket sleeve too short? Or maybe a little bit of both?
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 You need to shorten a shirt sleeve 4"??? Why buy a shirt so big? Its my girlfriends shirt and that was the smallest size she could find. So 4 inches is impossible?
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyLaw Sleeves are usually shortened from the shoulder. Oh really? But I need to shorten the sleeves really much.... like 4 inches Is it possible to remove 4 inches from the top of the sleeve? I guess its difficult to sew it back on because the upper part of the sleeve that have been cut of is much wider than 4 inches down on the sleeve thats going to be connected to the shoulder... I hope this message is...
How does the tailor shorten the shirt sleeves? I guess they cut the whole cuff off the arm and put it back higher on the sleeve, right? But it there any other way to do this? I have a button on the sleeve near the cuff that I want to keep but it will be removed if they use that technic! So is there anything else I can do, or is this the only way to make it shorter?
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