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Sale of the company would be sad news indeed. I will need to add to my 333-3 collection ASAP -
AE Bancroft - Cordovan http://www.ebay.com/itm/Allen-Edmonds-Bancroft-/251357561929?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item3a86140449 Very rare Allen Edmonds Bancroft. This shoe was originally for export only and not sold in the USA. Beautiful balmoral styling in black cordovan leather in brand new mint condition. The shoe is listed as 6.5 E but fit my size 7D (US) foot quite nicely.
I have for sale a very rare and not sold in the US pair of Allen Edmonds Bancroft in black cordovan. Well cared for and gently worn, shoe trees always used (but not included). Some other AE, Ferragamo, and Bally Scribe for sale as...
My red sock combo today:Bally ScribePantherellaJey Cole Man
I agree. However I will add that if you are looking for a bal with very little gap I recommend the Rutledge or the Harrison. Someone saw me wearing the Rutledge (black) the other night and thought they might be a pair of Edward Green. Love the Parkways.....enjoy! I have them in burnished brown and they are great.My Neumoras arrived today (got a pair in black, already have a pair in brown but those damn sales).......Really happy with them and IMO they are much nicer than...
In the interest of some change in Washington......... I nominate the Harrison!
Excellent comparison....thank you!Agreed! I have the Neumora, Parkway, and Rutledge models and looking seriously at the Larchmont. I really hope they bring out some models in both cordovan and suede on this last.
For comaprison: Bespoke (from the HARDCORE Bespoke only thread): AE Rutledge: I think this comparison really points to what AE has accomplished with this last. My question is, and perhaps I missed it, why isn't there more chatter of appreciation for the Rultledge (and the other shoes on the 3-333 last)? Personally, this is last I have always been hoping for from AE and am very appreciative that they brought it out.
Enjoy! Let us know how they crease for you. I love mine as well but not thrilled with the creasing above the cap. Mixed responses on what should be expected but I think they should crease below the cap as they fit perfectly and are very comfortable.
Bel Air in cordovan (unfortunately not mine)Bel Air can be seen in the 2009 spring catalong:http://issuu.com/allenedmonds/docs/spring-2009-catalog
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