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Alright but in all seriousness--what could the cut be called, what sort of cut that I could look up? I'm into 90s fashions and am curious about getting a leather jacket such as that.
What kind or style of Leather Jacket could this be called? Pic is from 1994.
What is the name of the style of these eyeglasses and where could I get them?
What style of eye glasses would these be called, and where could I get them?
I tend to think these are a very "90s" thing, but nonetheless, I like them...Was wondering where I could get shirts like these, as in, white t-shirts with art or general designs with messages. I'm going for a rocker sort of look w/ double denim and I figure a white shirt with designs would give me that vintage rocker look.
As will I. I want to get an old fashioned gray fedora quickly. I have a wedding to attend tomorrow and am going to buy a gray double breasted suit (my favorite kind of suit) and a classy, charcoal high topped, wide brimmed and wide banded fedora would go great with it.
Do you think a fedora will ever return as part of mainstream men's wear--outside of the hipsters and whatnot?
I know the picture isn't very high quality but the show it comes from is from late 50s-early 60s. Suit jacket is checkered and the shoes are black and white almost bowling ball-ish shoes.
Hey-- What's the name of these kind of styles of sunglasses? They seem to have been hugely popular with both guys and girls alike in the early '90s, with Linda Hamilton having a similar pair in T2 for example. They're not Ray Bans of course but there's got to be a name for the style of them
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