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Has anyone tried Tom Ford's oil-free daily facial moisturizer? It seems a pricey, but I like the facial scrub a lot. My skin is very sensitive and its hard for me to find products that work for me. I currently use Aveeno oil-free daily moisturizer and its good but would like to try something else. I work long hours so while I want a moisturizer that hydrates my skin, it would also be nice if the product helped me look less like death after a long night too.
Any ideas where I can find thick dress socks? I will be wearing them with suits or biz casual. My reason for needing them is that one pair of dress shoes (brown) are a tad too big. If I wear regular white socks they fit fine, but with dress socks (even doubled up) they slip. I cannot return these shoes unfortunately and would like to make it work Thanks for any suggestions!
I have a pair of Ferragamos I've worn a couple of times that are just too big for me. It hurts my feet to wear them. Has anyone ever had a similar problem and solved it by bringing the shoes to a a cobbler to modify? I'm not really sure how or if this is possible but wanted to get some opinions before I waste time finding a good cobbler. My guess is the shoes are about 1/2 size too big...maybe 1 size, but if they were 1/2 size smaller I don't think it would be a big...
100% wool, made in Italy (word is these are superior to Mabitex made in other countries). Color is solid navy. It's tagged 31 and unhemmed. New with all original tags (i.e. not the Daffy's variety with cut tags). Waist: 32 Inseam: 38 Rise: 12 Leg Opening: 8.5 I bought these pants from another seller about a month ago (using his pics). Never worn, never hemmed. They are beautiful pants but were a touch too small (I tried to squeeze into the 31" when I'm a 32"). Really...
I voted they should not be banned, but after reading this thread I change my mind. I think listings should only get bumped for price drops to maintain fairness and fresh listings. It is annoying to see the same old threads over and over again with no changes and have new threads buried several pages deep.
PM'd about navy pants
This website might have some helpful info: Be careful about going to law school on a whim. Why do you want to be a lawyer? I'd recommend actually working at a law firm. Many people like the IDEA of law, but don't really understand what it's like to practice. Most books glorify it...because actual practice is usually not sexy or action packed. You may think you can live on 30k a year now, but, assuming you want a family, this budget may...
Pm'd about both pants tagged 48
Heh, I guess I should have specified - I won't take below $400. I looked at past listings and a $450 card sold for $410. I'm confident I can get rid of it on there if there are no takers here.
Too low, I can get better on ebay.
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