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Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 BevMo and Whole foods carry them-at least in San Francisco. Westvleteren doesn't distribute, so I kind of doubt that. Your best bet is to be in Belgium or the Netherlands, otherwise you're going to have to pay the $30-40 a bottle you've seen.
Just like everyone else has been saying, OP is a good seller, and he's right -- the condition of the shoes I received is much better than the photos lead you to believe.
Fit on Filippa K?
Quote: Originally Posted by JRyder Does anyone know what kind of stock Blue Owl is going to be selling? Same stuff, if Jay's online storefront indicates anything.
Fair enough, thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bespin I'll chime in about this wool flannel ludlow: The overall fit of jacket is just great -- really like the thinner lapels and how well it hugs your shoulders. I'll add that since I'm 5'7", the "slightly shorter" characteristic of the ludlow (a 36R) isn't so apparent when it's on me. It's a 3-button, but it looks and wears like a 2-button b/c of the roll-over lapel. In fact, the lapel kindof bunches up awkwardly when the...
Bump for a great seller. He sent the shoes quickly after he promised he would, and was in good communication the entire time. Further, he sent original boxes and trees for the shoes I ordered. I'd do business with him again in a second.
I'll echo 36r.
PMd re: Jack Spade.
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