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If XO is still open give them a try also, I have always had a good time there. In addition G-Tavern is amazing along with flying fig and Lola. Im a bit sad Parkers closed down because they had great food from local sources. Bar Cento is good to check out for late night eats and great pizza's
Hey everyone, Next week I found out I have to do some business travel to Hungary and have never been there before. I was wondering if anyone has been to Budapest if you could give me some suggestions on dining, nightclubs (im now newly single and heard that Hungary has some stunning woman) and places of interest to see while in the country. Also can you get by with speaking only english (and some spanish) in the country? If anyone knows of a place to rent a...
I just broke up with my GF so im single and doing my typical "F*ck Valentines Day" tradition, go to IHOP and watch people on legit Valentines dates.
1. Fall in love again and get married 2. Help out people in need 3. Complete the Mt Bike race La Ruta de los Conquistadores
If you can have sex you can dance, if its at a club its all the same. If its ballroom stuff, just stick to watching it on TV
I only use Riedel, that is worth every cent of the money.
Quote: Originally Posted by ramuman I'm 6'0, how long before I'm too short? Longer then when I become a midget at 5'6"
I got invited to Alex Lloyds Indy 500 party and got to sample HER enegry drink. It tastes so much better than Redbull or any of the others out there plus it didnt make me feel sick or jittery. Also goes good with some Vodka
I joined and only ended up giving them my money. I swear more than half the profiles are fake. No responses at all.
I went out to a club im helping out at and ended up craving a Negroni but the place does not have Campari. I left and bought a bottle and snuck it back into the club then enjoyed two drinks when I met a cute blond girl. She invited me to a spray tanning party tonight in which there were 8 strippers and I was the only guy in attendance. I ended up getting them drunk while I was bartending for them. I cant think of a better way to end the weekend!
New Posts  All Forums: