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Mimo, old fart. I really feel like putting some jeans in this thread again.
Good one, Clap. I love Autumn weather here on Friday...
Great jacket, Synth.
Hm. It's hard to see actually, but I think it should be rotated to the left a bit: Maybe I'm wrong; depends on what you use as a reference. I thought it was more obvious, before I brought out the guidelines : ). (Also took the liberty of making a square crop...)
No problem. Stick with that idea.
: ) If You Know What I Mean...
^ I'd make the crop completely square, IC. Or less 'almost-square', IYKWIM. And the picture itself maybe just a couple degrees more angled, or completely straight.
Thx anyway, Canta. It wasn't about Holland-Argentina, just Holland (orange...) .
Yes, it started like these: And it's de Buyer. (The other pan is ittala.) I seasoned it with salt and oil, I think, yeeeaaarsss ago. It gets blacker with use.
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