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Y Ferch is Welsh for 'the girl'? How is it pronounced? And congrats again. Girls are great.
: )
To be sure, I'm having an M sent over. The length (arms and body) is about the same as the L, but it's a bit smaller in the body. I think it will stretch a bit, because of the cotton, so the M might end up with the fit of the new L.
^ That sounds good. This one is great, RDiaz: Maybe a bit deeper, but the more thought you put into it, the more you see it in your outfit. Trust your own eyes.
Go back to your old PS fold, RDiaz. The Foo thing looks like a rolled-up tie.
^ Setter?
Congrats, Dewi!
Congrats, Derek!
tcwalter-thumb. No lines. Thx, guys.
Thanks. Yes, Emergent.
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