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Summer and polyester, no thanks.
Edit: ah, now I see the other pics.Maybe this one - Suitsupply:http://eu.suitsupply.com/jassen/navy-pea-coat-j226/J226,nl,pd.html?start=5&cgid=CoatsHope the link works. Name and description:Navy Pea Coat€ 259A classic peacoat made for summer of breathable cotton. The navy colour and fit make this a stylish and elegant option for both casual and formal settings.Pure cottonSummer CoatNavyProduct codeJ226
^ Camplin Colony Peacoat Colony Peacoat a short officer Reefer for Spring – Summer season, realized with canvass cotton, with the same detailes of every Camplin Peacoat. (Click the beige/tan thumbnail.) Buttons are metal though, I think. Oh, and not navy... Well, maybe they have different colours.
I'm not sure about the blog post anymore . I confused you for VRaivio: [[SPOILER]]
^^ You ordered 2. I wondered if you were the one that already had one (and wrote about it on a blog)? ^ No BD for me.
Number 2 and 3 of this fabric?
First order
Found some info in this thread:
Nice pic, too! Arty .
Both are – what's in a name? – much too small. The Mini Club has rounded edges, mine have rounded 'sides'. Mine are just widespreads (or cutaways, depending on the definition) with curved sides in stead of straight sides. The Londoner, the President Spread or the Richard Cutaway are probably most similar, but those are not curved.
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