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[[SPOILER]] Linen in action, Luxire (linen/cotton) in bottom centre:
Thanks. So, the thin regular ones are as white as the regular regular ones? Or do they look more like the premium buttons?Would be nice to get the trochas on my next order. (Probably this week... ).
Thx, Luxire. If you do the other buttons, can you conclude these? So, the default ones, the thin ones, and the premium ones in one picture (series)? That way it should be easy to compare the colour and the thickness. (If you hold your camera straight above the buttons, they should all be sharp.) Would be nice to get an option of (tan) trochas buttons too; they work very well with some casual fabrics.
End of the Ode for Summer. For now. Next shirt? Linen.
End of the Ode for Summer. For now. Next shirt to buy? Linen.
And what's the colour like, compared to the "milky white" default buttons? Some pics with the different button options (and prices) would be appreciated...
Nice, IC. Are those light stripes from a car or something?
Navy shirt ftw. In the Linen - check series: [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
: ) I think The Police in the demolition stage and Stevie during the rebuild.
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