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Still waiting for the Tomtom sports watch to be released in NL, to measure my distance... (Too lazy to count.) The numbers won't be high, but I'd like to know what I'm doing in the water twice a week. Again new goggles... I didn't like the colour of the last ones (grey/smoke - more appropriate for outside), so I returned them. Got these instead, and they were fine:
Really like the first one, A Y.
I'm still running, SB.
Thx. The end-on-end is already quite soft. Will have to wait until Spring...
Wow, how's that for coincidence? On the other hand, I'm not completely surprised by the choice of a man of good taste .
Just ordered the Classic Blue Oxford (with NOBD II) and the Navy Light Grey Small Windowpane Flannel (with NOBD I) .
Yes, keep swimming, Douglas!
I ran with Evy again.
Interesting project, emptym. Looking forward to seeing the result.
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