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Kaplan. And Clap via the last option : ).
My thought is: I'd rather pay for, say, 70 swatches than for one "failed-fabric-shirt". For example: I liked the idea of the Tufts Blue Linen shirt, based on the website description and pics, but I don't think I would have been happy with the result. For the $90 I saved for not ordering the shirt, I can get 90 swatches. And for Europeans it's a good way to get an order above $100 (which means free shipping) for orders under $100...
The problem is that we judge the pics by computer screens, but on my screen it's not far off from what I see IRL. It's a bit lighter, and greyer/greenisher than what I expected from the photos on the site. That's 20-25 Celsius if I converted correctly? Based on the weight of the fabric I'd say it would wear too hot. But the weave is important as well. I can't really predict how it would feel. Maybe someone who has a shirt made out of it is willing to comment?
Hooray for turtle-necks!
You can order them for $1 a piece. Here are the other swatches I have:I ordered 30 new ones with my last order...The chambray is a touch darker/bluer and a bit more dense than the end-on-end (both are quite open weaves, though). I prefer linen to linen-cotton, because it's more er... linen . The end-on-end will probably be my next shirt. I prefer it to the chambray, because it's softer, more supple. I like them both, though.Ah, good to hear that. Do you have pictures of...
It's easier than you think, I think. Try dark brown cotton, for instance. All your light blue shirts will work beautifully with it.This is coming from an old guy, though.
That's because I always post the same stuff, fg.
Because you're smoking and I quit twelve weeks ago today (well, in ten minutes)?
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