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^ Yes, search this thread for "milky white". (Seriously.)
Stitches likes the makelaars look.
I understand. I do like gadgets .
: ) How do you measure your distance? Do you count laps or use a swim watch or something like that? I need a swim watch.
Well, maybe you're stretching it with a suit (depends on the suit, I guess), but I'm not much of a jodhpur fan in general, so you can safely ignore me.
That's not fair. You're a fish.
The colour works fine with mid-grey. With navy, I think the contrast will be too big; real estate agent territory... (I don't know about the US, but over here real estate agents often look a bit tacky. Hallo, meelezende makelaars!)
Wake up, thread. Twice a week. I don't know how many meters. I need a gadgety swim watch . Today, I swam in a low-chlorine pool for the first time; that was great. I felt like taking a gulp.
Ah, okay. Your info is more recent than mine.
I'll take pics, Jester. Hopefully, next week. I think they ordered more of this fabric, lachy. When did you ask?
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