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Not much, still slowly building up, but I ran again. 622 Nike Fuel
The ones I had were regular goggles. They are fine with my -2,25 / -2.75, but I thought it would be nice to get about the same sight as my glasses. That didn't work with these, so I'm back to regular goggles. No problem really. I could use new ones, though... My brother gave me his goggles that he didn't use (Speedo Merit Competition Racing). I'm going to try those out this week.
Well, erm. I could see better without them... My normal glasses have a cylinder and these don't. I guess I should have known that wouldn't work, but I didn't. Or maybe it works for some people, but not for me.
Thanks, guys, almost five months now. I'm returning the goggles, btw, because the optics aren't good for me... I picked up swimming after a non-swimming period of a couple of years, but I've always liked swimming and have swum in different periods of my life. I started again some months before I quit smoking, because I just don't get enough exercise in my 'day to day life': too much sitting behind the computer, for work. And for fun. Running is entirely new for me,...
CP, can you tell more about the socks? What do they do for you?
New goggles : )
That's a... er... "breathing patch"? I quote: perforated appliqué.
I ran again, SB.
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