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^ Classic Blue Oxford: Less pronounced (paler, less contrast between the blues) than your example (which is quite nice).
Yes, unfused. Light and soft lining.
Any chance for Thomas Mason/Albini shirtings, luxire? They usually have a nice price/quality.
^ Good idea. Now, we need an overzealous student to go through this thread and find all the swatch pics, crop them to one fabric per pic and label them. * * * Someone asked about the NOBD II with tie:
I agree, Doc. Especially looking forward to seeing Sic-Tess. And we'd like some Thomas Mason Silverline as well, wouldn't we?
I've had no problems ironing my blue end-on-end linen.
And new toy:
Thanks. No, haven't really considered that. I just dump it here .
Pics from last winter, SB. This one's from today
I'm sorry, but you will have to send me one for further examination. An M often works best for analysing purposes.
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