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I think it's a fabric characteristic (not just a cotton flannel characteristic). I find them very comfortable (I wear them a lot) and the colours are very nice, but without the pilling they would have looked a lot better: the twill is very nice, but somewhat 'overpowered' by the pilling.
I thought it was an ordinary IPA, but it's a 9,5% – hiccup – one. Not 'alcoholic' though; nicely balanced. From British brewer Steve Gammage, brewing in The Netherlands.
You know the coachman history?
Wasn't sure, with the funny name and label and all, but very pleasant beer. Aftertaste a bit shorter and more bitter than expected. But will buy again.
Ah, okay.
I'd contact the place where you bought it. Or De Molen directly.
Nice shirt images, Luxire. True to fabric scale? (Hope that question makes sense.)
Brik? From here?
Hopped to 200+ theoretical IBUs Bitter lemon on steroids. Very citrussy as well. Not for every day. Yummy.
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