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Yesterday, I wanted to buy another pair of Pegasus 83. When I tried them on in the same size as my blue suede P83's, I noticed they were quite a bit narrower. I tried a full size up, and those were too narrow too. Do those variations in size/fit within the same model sound familiar? Suede gives a bit more than leather (or faux-leather) but not that much more, I think. They were Pegasus 83 LT; does LT have anything to do with the fit?
Brown and blue. It's all I do.
Two more
I understand. A cardigan is easier. And chunky knits too. But no knitwear is best. : )* * *Thank you. I'll take your word for it. It's just that they're... copper. Which is fine, of course, but not with silver buttons.I'll be patient...
Here I actually buttoned the Navy Chambray by Bembrana (on the left) to the Washed Indigo Linen Chambray (on the right):Hard to get the colours right... The colour of the Washed Indigo Linen is probably best in this picture:I think the Navy Chambray (cotton) has been washed 15-20 times and the Washed Indigo Linen 10 times. The Navy Chambray is slightly bluer than the slightly greyer Washed Indigo Linen. And, as I said before: Navy Chambray: soft, flannel-like. Washed...
They look very similar. The one you mention is a lot softer, more like flannel. The linen version (see lazy-pic-with-macro-lens still-on-camera) is very tough; like denim.(The blue in the pic is more saturated than IRL.)
^ http://custom.luxire.com/products/washed_indigo_linen_chambray Wearing it today. Tough shirt. * * * @luxire: any news on the silver coloured jeans buttons and rivets (?)
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