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Wow.American beer over here (supermarket, 35,5 cl):Poleeko Pale Ale – € 2,79Raging Bitch Belgian IPA – € 2,79Anchor IPA – € 2,79Goose IPA – € 2,49Brooklyn East IPA – € 2,49Snake Dog IPA – € 2,59312 Urban Pale Ale – € 2,49That's about the same price as the IPA's from medium to small Dutch breweries.
: )Makes me wonder what these cost over there:Poleeko Pale Ale, Raging Bitch Belgian IPA, Anchor IPA, Goose IPA, Brooklyn East IPA, Snake Dog IPA, 312 Urban Pale Ale.(Available in the local supermarket here.)
Third Trappist double in my Trappist tasting stage. Not quite as nice as its Belgian colleagues, I have to admit.
Some more trappist (and St. B) for tasting. Still out of Orval at the local supermarket. [[SPOILER]]
Sweeter smell and taste than the Chimay, and more bitter in the end. But also a nicely balanced beer.
Elegant. Very nice.
Indeed. (Pic of the brewery is not mine, btw. Forgot to mention that.)
Another Dutch beer, from Jopen brewery: The name of the beer (Doubting Thomas) and divine refers to their brewery in a former church: American refers to the hops (Cascade ao). Full but not heavy beer (10% though); a bit too sweat for my (current) taste. Nice beer, nonetheless.
So do I. They're from the German glass manufacturer Rastal (who also make the Teku glass).With the Teku:I bought them at this brew pub in The Netherlands:http://www.stoomnijmegen.com/And an amusing video (I think) that was shot at the same brew pub, with behind the bar the two brewers of the Oersoep microbrewery:
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