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An old classic I found in the bookstore:
Paid them a short visit last summer:
More Trappist and some Dutch, American and UK
Last 'religious' double for now. I liked the Chimay best. Tripels next.
Aroma concentrating chimney http://www.rastal.de/33.0.en.html#craftmaster
Ah, I thought you were referring to the outward top of the glass, in stead of the rim itself. I know what you mean, but hadn't really noticed it. (I would have on a wine glass, I think.)
How come?
^ Rastal glass? Comfortable in the hand, isn't it? And enough room to put your nose in.
Some more Belgisch bier: [[SPOILER]] And today another double Trappist,which, can't help it, tasted like Coke to me.
So, that one is very expensive? The yellow one (which I liked better) is 1,99.
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