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Ah, hadn't really noticed that. Doesn't bother me.
What's completely wrong about them? If you're referring to the picture in which I'm wearing them: I have wide feet and high arches. They will look different on more 'standard' feet.
Thanks. Different construction: these are Blake-rapid, Loake is Goodyear. The suede of these is softer and smoother. The whole shoe feels lighter. The most notable difference in shape is the sloped shaft of the Velasca's, as you can see in the pic above: a sloped line from top right to the nose bottom left. I like that. Apart from that, the Velasca's have a bit wider nose, but the shoe itself is a bit narrower. (Loake UK8, Velasca...
Good job by Cheaney... I just fed them. : )
Thank you, Roger.
Dry and polished(I noticed the JPEG conversion made the pics less red/saturated; the bottom pictures show the colour better.)
Damn, Crat. Two winners in one post. Outfit is nice too.
Taking inside jokes to another level. Intraforumal. : )Sorry n00bsguys, we were just kidding. I might have been the first, or one of the first members here, to structurally post pics in a layout with details shots. But as Stitches said: the pics come first.
I agree. Yet somehow they have some elegance to them as well. Or maybe not elegance, but friendliness. I'm not sure you'll know what I mean, but they're nice rather than mean looking. Sorry for getting carried away by my own boots.
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