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Relatively new Dutch trappist Triple with some nice hop aroma's. Bitter sweet finish. Perhaps a bit thin.
Another gruitbier:A dark and sweet one. A bit too "medicinal" for me. I liked the fresh and blond Gageleer better (probably a completely different beer altogether). Jopen makes great beers though.
Lined, in accordance with the default description I've come up with with Luxire: SOFT unfused, but with some body so that the collar is not floppy.
Meer Belgisch
Yep. Arrived today.
http://custom.luxire.com/products/cotton-blue-twill-flannel-bh_100356 Blue, Teal Blue and Grey.
And they are
Nice classic. (Four years younger than me). Liked it better than the Anchor IPA.
Indeed, sir, I think you've had too much.
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