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Interesting. Will try. Sounds like Belgian witbier (without the salt).
Thanks! I've tried Weihenstephaner, Paulaner, Franziskaner and Erdinger (and Schöfferhofer; König Ludwig Hell is waiting in the fridge). What are goses?
Any tips for German beers? Weizens, but also other types, especially for the spring and summer months (when I hardly drink heavy, dark beers).
New Zealand IPA and Austrian trappist quad over here
You Dutch, me Belgian Only 11%... Too sweet for my taste.
Having one now. 1,67 EUR for 33 cl bottle.
^ :thumbsup: What do you pay for it in Oregon?
Ugly label, lovely wheat (double) IPA.
Imperial IPA (8.5%), IBU 110 and, I quote, "extremely hopped" with a blend of 14 hops... Not impressed by that number (14), but it suits this week (Cruijff ) and the beer is very nice, so I forgive them.
New study material
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