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Van Gaal will dutchify him.
Not something accute, wingin' it. I've only been running since September last year. Slowly building up to 5km first, and now towards 10km.
How's this:?
Having some achilles heel problems. Stiff in the morning. I've stopped following my 10k schedule for now. Will (hopefully) pick that up after the vacation. Any tips?
You had Van Basten, Rijkaard en Gullit. How many of these other...
If you pick Ajax, you have to pick Barcelona, Cleav.
Same here. I thought I had the Light Blue, but I have the Blue, which is a pale light blue, I'd say:
^ The Brembana is a great, I'd say midweight oxford. The other one seems to be lighter (in weight) and thus more suitable for summer?
Congratis, Mok. I almost got you.
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