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Long time, no see Same old.
Long time, no see
Hey, I'm not even 45! (Will be, next Thursday...) Why am I mentioned here?
Oersoep Sergeant Pepper (because of the peppery yeast) at the brewery Brewing is cleaning Wood Upstairs there's an open cooling container (don't know the English term) where wild yeasts can sometimes play. (Sometimes, because when it's too hot, too many bacteria want to play along.) .
WeiƟ ich doch. Just wondered if my meines was correct.
Couldn't find the Eisbock, but this one is great, zur Belohnung meines (?) Tages:The price was great as well.
Mostly Deutsch
I will.
Thanks, b1os. I will visit a Trinkgut in the near future and see what they have to offer. Probably also large breweries, but good prices anyway.
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