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End result:Before (left) and after two soaks; hard to photograph with different light, but to give you an idea:I think I'll wear it now.
Could be, CruzAzul. I had already given it another soak, emptym... This time 3/4 cup in 2 gallons of water (to give it more room); so a bit stronger. Washed, and drying now.
First soak (just the top shirt) - 40 minutes, 1/4 cup to 1 gallon [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Thanks. I think it will take a few more steps, which I don't mind at all. I washed it after soaking it, and it's now hanging to dry. Tomorrow I'll be able to judge the colour. (Since the fabric is wet now.)
What do you know: my measuring jug does cups [[SPOILER]] Test in progress [[SPOILER]] Edit: spoilered the pics; they were rather large.Test result (left is the soaked fabric; maybe still a tiny bit moist) [[SPOILER]] And bucket time [[SPOILER]]
Thanks. I'll try it anyway. I'll do a test with half of the reference material. : )60 ml to 4 liters, if I looked it up correctly.Buttons: premium.
Yep. I think it has become my OneCollar.I like that! The faded-by-sun-and-sand look is what I want. Was it the same fabric? I'm going to try the bleach method. Thanks, emptym. Cups and gallons... you people.
Yes, the inside of the bottom of the placket. You can't see it on the outside of the shirt.
Piece of reference material before washing process:
Yes, it was meant as a summer shirt. I think I might try to wash it like crazy. To get a paler, less saturated look. Just wash it a lot of times with my white laundry. I wouldn't mind a washed-out look, since it's linen. Thoughts?
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