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This was including opening two gates to get in and out of a small stretch of nature (don't how to call it - some woods and a pasture). And there I met a pig in the wild. Not a wild pig, but I wasn't really expecting it, and I wasn't completely sure if it was just a lost cute-soon-to-be-turned-into-parma-ham type of pig or something fiercer . I slowed down to walking pace, closely passed it (couldn't really get around it) then slowly started running again, not looking...
Sorry for not having read the thread, but do we have an SF WC pool, like the SF MC FIFA WC FB 2010 SA POOLTM ?
Numbers! My schedule training is 35 minutes of jogging today.
^ Pictures! We'd (well, at least I'd) like to see things like that, things that have to do with the making of the shirts. I wanna see my pattern!
You got the wrong one.
SW&D did blue and green in December this year. [[SPOILER]]
Intervals today (3 x 30 seconds; 3 x 60 seconds)
It's heaavvvvyyy, mrj. Will wear it tomorrow.
I don't know if a pic from last month is allowed... If it is: sure.
Took more than two days!
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