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Check the bitterbal. Bock with masala spices. Ice tea freshness. http://oedipus.com/beer/speciaal/
More beers—Dutch, Belgian, Scottish, English and American
I like the on feet pics on the website.
You sure it's not the ABV?
I think it's a fabric characteristic (not just a cotton flannel characteristic). I find them very comfortable (I wear them a lot) and the colours are very nice, but without the pilling they would have looked a lot better: the twill is very nice, but somewhat 'overpowered' by the pilling.
I thought it was an ordinary IPA, but it's a 9,5% – hiccup – one. Not 'alcoholic' though; nicely balanced. From British brewer Steve Gammage, brewing in The Netherlands. http://brouwerijrodenburg.nl/engels/
You know the coachman history?
Wasn't sure, with the funny name and label and all, but very pleasant beer. Aftertaste a bit shorter and more bitter than expected. But will buy again.
Ah, okay.
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