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You Dutch, me Belgian Only 11%... Too sweet for my taste.
Having one now. 1,67 EUR for 33 cl bottle.
^ :thumbsup: What do you pay for it in Oregon?
Ugly label, lovely wheat (double) IPA.
Imperial IPA (8.5%), IBU 110 and, I quote, "extremely hopped" with a blend of 14 hops... Not impressed by that number (14), but it suits this week (Cruijff ) and the beer is very nice, so I forgive them.
New study material
Yesterday had to be Belgian. Sterkte daar.
I think I liked last year's version better, but still nice.
No gusher for me, but plenty of foam. My first Dolle Brouwers beer. Looking forward to trying more.
Great porter from former Emelisse brewer Kees Bubberman (NL).
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