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Thank you, MoK. No, no, he's al theirs now. They've got to keep him. As long as they did Sir Alex.
Thank you, thank you. Sounds good. Hope you can post them here, or otherwise notify us, when they're done. Hope you can find good rivets too.
Loooong time no see
Loooong time no see
I'm not sure I could get this one in The Netherlands. What would you make? Edit: ^^
And the Pegasus 83 x NOBD
@luxire: IIRC you had (or could take) some more/bigger pictures of silver coloured jeans hardware options (buttons, rivets). You already shared this one: I'm looking for something like this: Or this: I also wondered if you use special pocketing material for jeans, and what the options are. I like these stripes: Thanks!
And these for running
I like playing around with Nike ID (haven't ordered)
Breast pocket: Hip (?) pocket: Lapels: Button "Corno": Inside: Label: Pure Linen... ... not: TWO sleeve buttons: Back lapels: Inside sleeve: Inside-out, front: Inside-out, back: Canvas: Detail inside: Booklet:
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