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Pretty decent for an iPhone (5s) pic, I think; as long as it gets enough light... Just cropped, no other edits.
Thanks. I'd like to start with the (Belgian) classics, to get a better idea of sour beers. I did the same thing with doubles, triples and quads, for example, starting with the trappists and trying newer versions later on. Mikkeller probably makes a more modern version?
New territory for me—quite sour : Tips in this genre?
I think so.Will be paying them another visit at the end of the summer.
Big picture... oops. Tasty dry Alt.
Yes:And have fun with Zlatan.
Ah, that explains the watch.
I gave it 3,75 / 5 stars.
I'll raise you 10 since last week. Congratulations, jongeman!
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