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Thanks. Loake Kempton.It feels heavy and rough. Like denim.
Washed Indigo Linen Chambray
Mimo still here?
That too.
So glad I quit, so I didn't have to go through smoking in a designated area in front of commercial shops.
Yesterday, I wanted to buy another pair of Pegasus 83. When I tried them on in the same size as my blue suede P83's, I noticed they were quite a bit narrower. I tried a full size up, and those were too narrow too. Do those variations in size/fit within the same model sound familiar? Suede gives a bit more than leather (or faux-leather) but not that much more, I think. They were Pegasus 83 LT; does LT have anything to do with the fit?
Brown and blue. It's all I do.
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