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Same here
My heatwave beer: (Jopen brewery)
Got it (new label):Today nice ipa from De molen:
Imperial is usually double, but can also be triple?Emelisse DPA = double (7,9%)Emelisse TIPA =triple (10%)Had this triple IPA (Explicit Imperial Ale) today:Burp.
Good. Me too. I'll try the dipa again in a few weeks.
Driving through your lovely country to France in a couple of weeks...
From your neighbouring country in the north that didn't get to play at the EC. Thanks. I will first support my local beer shops; I believe they have some Cantillon and 3 Fonteinen, for instance. At this time, it's more for trying a new type of beers than that I really enjoyed my first introduction to them. Probably a taste to really slowly acquire...
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