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Hi @Enrico Casati, Can you say something about the lasts you use? Are they typically suited for 'normal feet', or are some lasts more suited for people with narrow feet and other for people with wide feet? For instance, I wonder what the characteristics are of the ankle boot (I'd call it a chukka ) Artista. On the narrow side, on the wide side; what about the instep? You don't offer different widths, do you? Thanks
Yes, new. But these are Herring Langdale's. Made by Cheaney and almost the same, but without the speed hooks and brogue line on top, in G width.
But these will: )
@emptym, where's my pattern?
Oops. Didn't know you already ordered it... I'm sure it won't be horrific .
Considered it until I imagined what it would look like with the sleeves rolled up (what I always do with summer shirts).
I machine wash my (non-G&R) flannel shirts, like all my other shirts.
Hm, that Brisbane Moss Corn looks more orangy than on the swatch pic. Can you confirm the orangy colour of the trouser pics from lachyzee, Luxire? Or is the colour more like this:
Oh, and hi @emptym. Hope you're having a good time over there. Can you take a pic of my shirt pattern?
My thoughts exactly
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