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What's all this collage sh... eh business, lately?
How about that!? : ) They're great, though.(Ordered suede chukka's two days ago...)
^ I think it has, but Stitches is too lazy to keep track of the challenges. Hi Stitches. * * * Do yours, upr. That's the nice thing about winning.
Thanks again. Please reserve the 42 while I go to the website and order the shoe. : )
Thank you, Enrico. I'm in The Netherlands, so yes: EU. I might give it a shot. What size would you recommend for the Artista? Sizes of some shoes I own (or have owned): Crockett & Jones (337 last): size 8.5 Loake Kempton (026 last): size 8 Santoni (Prince and George last): size 8
[[SPOILER]] Thanks again!
You were helpful, Enrico; thank you. I might have to wait for next year, then. You're right of course that the open lacings will help with a high instep, but my feet are quite wide as well (and I don't want to size up too much), so that might be a problem.
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