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And the Pegasus 83 x NOBD
@luxire: IIRC you had (or could take) some more/bigger pictures of silver coloured jeans hardware options (buttons, rivets). You already shared this one: I'm looking for something like this: Or this: I also wondered if you use special pocketing material for jeans, and what the options are. I like these stripes: Thanks!
And these for running
I like playing around with Nike ID (haven't ordered)
Breast pocket: Hip (?) pocket: Lapels: Button "Corno": Inside: Label: Pure Linen... ... not: TWO sleeve buttons: Back lapels: Inside sleeve: Inside-out, front: Inside-out, back: Canvas: Detail inside: Booklet:
Yes, it's great. (Added a fit pic.)
[[SPOILER]] Edit: added pic.
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