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That would mean 100 collars for 1 shirt for me. How about €5? That's like one beer in Amsterdam, in the wrong places.
So, you've forgotten 20 times. It's never too late, though.
And don't forget to put 10 euros in my Luxire account.
No, I like my collars free of whatever buttons.Shirt in the back: http://custom.luxire.com/products/blue-end-on-end-linen
Thanks. Hm, I usually start at the points, never in the middle (perhaps I've read your tips before). It probably has to do with my lack of patience, or skills... I like to iron quick and with lots of steam.
I don't care too much, for any shirt , but I have tried different ironing techniques to try and get a better result. Most of the times I end up with something like the above, though... Can you explain a bit more?
Oops, I thought it was a multi-vote. Thought I'd given SB a vote as well, but only my last vote counted.
End result:Before (left) and after two soaks; hard to photograph with different light, but to give you an idea:I think I'll wear it now.
Could be, CruzAzul. I had already given it another soak, emptym... This time 3/4 cup in 2 gallons of water (to give it more room); so a bit stronger. Washed, and drying now.
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