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Aroma concentrating chimney http://www.rastal.de/33.0.en.html#craftmaster
Ah, I thought you were referring to the outward top of the glass, in stead of the rim itself. I know what you mean, but hadn't really noticed it. (I would have on a wine glass, I think.)
How come?
^ Rastal glass? Comfortable in the hand, isn't it? And enough room to put your nose in.
Some more Belgisch bier: [[SPOILER]] And today another double Trappist,which, can't help it, tasted like Coke to me.
So, that one is very expensive? The yellow one (which I liked better) is 1,99.
Wow.American beer over here (supermarket, 35,5 cl):Poleeko Pale Ale – € 2,79Raging Bitch Belgian IPA – € 2,79Anchor IPA – € 2,79Goose IPA – € 2,49Brooklyn East IPA – € 2,49Snake Dog IPA – € 2,59312 Urban Pale Ale – € 2,49That's about the same price as the IPA's from medium to small Dutch breweries.
: )Makes me wonder what these cost over there:Poleeko Pale Ale, Raging Bitch Belgian IPA, Anchor IPA, Goose IPA, Brooklyn East IPA, Snake Dog IPA, 312 Urban Pale Ale.(Available in the local supermarket here.)
Third Trappist double in my Trappist tasting stage. Not quite as nice as its Belgian colleagues, I have to admit.
Some more trappist (and St. B) for tasting. Still out of Orval at the local supermarket. [[SPOILER]]
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