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Good job by Cheaney... I just fed them. : )
Thank you, Roger.
Dry and polished(I noticed the JPEG conversion made the pics less red/saturated; the bottom pictures show the colour better.)
Damn, Crat. Two winners in one post. Outfit is nice too.
Taking inside jokes to another level. Intraforumal. : )Sorry n00bsguys, we were just kidding. I might have been the first, or one of the first members here, to structurally post pics in a layout with details shots. But as Stitches said: the pics come first.
I agree. Yet somehow they have some elegance to them as well. Or maybe not elegance, but friendliness. I'm not sure you'll know what I mean, but they're nice rather than mean looking. Sorry for getting carried away by my own boots.
They're very wet. Look at these, for reference. Slightly different model, but same colour: [[SPOILER]]
Herring Langdale (made by Cheaney).
Great. What are they?Mine are more like 29 days old, but were baptized today:Jeans soaked, socks dry.
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