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The earlier pic (Punk IPA) wasn't from today. This one is: Less resinous than the Snake Dog. Good stuff.
Beer thread
Not for everyone
Thanks, @Enrico Casati. Wider sounds good (to my feet). So, the length will be the same as L'Artista in the same size? I had to 1/2 size up for L'Artista, because I needed a bit more width; the length was fine before I sized up. And your new plans for boots sounds good as well.
Nice. I might want these: @Enrico Casati: are these longwing derbies on the same last as L'Artista? (Would you recommend the same size?)
Thx, EliodA.
: ) No, but autumn is coming, so I will start wearing them soon.
^ Caruso MTM. Holland & Sherry fabric, silk/linen/wool.
Thanks. Nike All Court 2: http://www.endclothing.com/eu/footwear/nike-all-court-2-low-727801-111.html
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