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Fresh shoes Fourth 'training' with my 8 year-old who might want to run a 5k race next year.
Tira wins Pitti. And I see you met Alx. from The Netherlands. : ) Thanks for the pics.
Hey, an eyeware thread. I have always found the round pads on my Corona('s) quite comfortable. Never had irritation or pressure spots.
The largest size: ligne 48(") - 30 mm.
What was the Order-Two-Linen-Shirts-on-Father's-Day-and-Get-a-Nice-Discount-Code again?
That must be it, more than the colour itself. That's probably what I didn't like in the pale cotton linen: too flat. Hadn't thought about that. Thanks.
Thanks, Beatlegeuse. I think I understand what colour it is and why you call it baby blue. I'd bleach it a bit .
Thanks. Happy with it?
New Posts  All Forums: