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And balls
On its way
Hi Schweino. The leather is smooth (velvety suede, not very 'hairy') and soft. Obviously, I can't comment on how durable it will be. Neither can I really comment on the fit. I have wide feet and a high instep. I thought the 42 was the right size for me, but it was a bit too tight. I've ordered half a size larger (which will take a couple of weeks to arrive). I assume the insole is real leather, but you might want to ask Enrico about that. Generally speaking: I like the...
Ah, that's why I liked them. : )
How long have you had them?
Herring Langdale, soaking wet (not my socks, though): After drying and polishing: The colours are better in this pic:
Boots, Newcomer?
They came with the darker nose and heels. I just polished them in the same way, trying to change the shape of the dark part on the nose slightly, because it was somewhat straighter than I like (like a captoe).
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