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Very nice Dutch dubbel. Affter that, I intended to open the tripel (Zatte), but I took out the wrong 't IJ bottle... a barley wine. Chocolaty. Will try it again at a more suitable moment. [img]
Relatively new Dutch trappist Triple with some nice hop aroma's. Bitter sweet finish. Perhaps a bit thin.
Another gruitbier:A dark and sweet one. A bit too "medicinal" for me. I liked the fresh and blond Gageleer better (probably a completely different beer altogether). Jopen makes great beers though.
Lined, in accordance with the default description I've come up with with Luxire: SOFT unfused, but with some body so that the collar is not floppy.
Meer Belgisch
Yep. Arrived today. Blue, Teal Blue and Grey.
And they are
Nice classic. (Four years younger than me). Liked it better than the Anchor IPA.
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