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I thought it was about putting bachelor knots in your jacket sleeve button holes.
Merci bien, monsieur E.
Interesting indeed. I think Woly is about the same price as the regular line of Saphir over here. I was thinking of the Medaille d'Or products; those are more expensive.
Cuffs are casual, not dressy . Perfect for tweed trousers.
My Loake Kempton's are 8F, but they're quite snug. 42 Velasca was too tight. Yesterday I received:inI think they're better. Haven't really had the time yet to test them, though.
Ah, I understand. Saphir/La Cordonnerie Anglaise are French, btw.
You might want to give Saphir (or LCA) a try for cream and wax, luxire. I'm not saying Woly is bad, but it's the cheap option over here. [[SPOILER]]
Thx, Stitches.
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