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My first porter: Jam, smoke, coffee, stable. A beast. Wondering what the heavier Midnight Porter will taste like.
More Orval (while I can get it), an Austrian – pretty expensive – trappist, a Dutch Belgian triple-ish and quadruple-ish, a Scottish IPA, and the first 'special beer' I ever had, >30 years ago (back then from tap in a bolleke).
New beer tasting glass: (Not my pic.)
I had no choice.
Didn't like that one at all. Funky yeast aroma's I also found in Zatte. Not for me.
Today, more from Amsterdam brewery 't IJ Flink is a nice bitter and hoppy blonde. Columbus I have yet to discover. (Wow, bad pun.)
Found some Orval, at last, and some other
Cash(mere)co(tton) - Zegna:
Lousy pic, but great Dutch pilsner, from Gulpener brewery which grows its own hops (Mercur and Hallertauer Traditione)
More Dutch, from Amsterdam ('t IJ) and Haarlem
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