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Those cotton twill flannels better be good.
Old crate from my student years to serve as a small "stash holder" in stead of the cardboard box I used before. Made wheels under it for maximum user-friendliness. Now having one of my favourite beers:
Oh, and her back:
Fruity, hoppy Duvel. Even more dangerous than the regular one, with 9.5%. I like.
^ Nice glass! Over here: Gageleer. A gruitbier, with gale in stead of hops. Good story from wiki: Some authors present the switch to hops as a Protestant crackdown on feisty Catholic tradition, and as a Puritan move to keep people from enjoying themselves with aphrodisiac and stimulating gruit ales by imposing the sedative effects of hops instead.[1] However (...) Edit: checked the bottle and in stead of is not right. There's hop in it as well. Anyway: pleasant...
Some beers from the local supermarket I haven't tasted (or some maybe 20 years ago) (Sorry for the unsharp pic.)
They seem to have quite a collection. Even Oersoep!
Not bought in your local Delhaize, I assume?
That could explain it.
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