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Go offline and turn off your phone, Theresa! A leave is a leave.
Thanks, guys. Sorry for putting it here, somewhat out of the blue. Carry on.
Thanks. I never wear a tie with jeans. I don't really mind different levels of formality as much as many MC'ers, I suppose, but a tie with jeans is just a little affected; too much thought put in the outfit, which I don't like for me, nor for many others (but not all - hi Tira and TTO, ao).But this week my sartorial thoughts were limited to choosing a tie to wear to my mother's funeral . So frankly, I couldn't care less.
Haven't ordered yet; waiting for my current order.Heresy indeed!
Here you are:http://custom.luxire.com/products/navy-chambray-by-brembanaThis one is quite soft, feels like cotton flannel.
[[SPOILER]] Hi Crat
Nice jacket, Alex.
It wasn't, actually. It was a floral tie, though. And there are pics of it somewhere here, which I'm not going to dig up.
Once in my life I've worn jeans and a tie. In 1990 iirc. Never again. But I'd say: keep the challenge as is. What kind of a challenge is jacket and tie with no wool trousers? I'll tell you: a boooring challenge.
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