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Quote: Originally Posted by aaaeeeiiiooouuu Is that the Jean Shop x Filson? No, that's the Dick Danger x Filson. I actually use my shit.
Quote: Originally Posted by KaiserSose Has anyone attempted to distress / break-in a Filson bag?
This is kinda dead, but I need to vent. I just returned from my local JAB and the pricing system sucks. I understand having a sale, but tag the damn item. Everything I tried on required the sales lady to check the price "and see what she could do". That shit sucks.
Can I just send him a shirt that fits me?
I wear these with mine.
I'm not poly, and these are not 5000s, but they are black. That count?
thin thickener? like emotional cornstarch?
where can i buy that shirt?
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason He killed a guy once. Ripped his colon right out. But did he shoot a man in Reno just to watch him die?
Sounds like the problem is the seat, not the jacket.
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