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Not me, although I was watching them. Beautiful boots but my inner voice asked "when was the last time you wore your monkstraps?" Answer? "Basically, never. Don't like hardware on my shoes." So I left them for someone else.
The 100 is essentially the 184 with a squared toe. I have shoes on both the 184 and 202 lasts. In my experience they offer very different fits. The 202 offers more room across the toes and over the instep. And because oxfords can be tightened I wear a half size larger in the 202 than the 184. The same size in the 184 (or 100) would slip at the heel. Hope that helps.
All of my good watches, including my late father's 40s Rolex, my 150-year-old Waltham gold pocket watch, Hamilton Chronographs, etc, etc, rarely leave my dresser. The watch I wear and wear without any trouble or care... I bought it on Canal Street in NYC. Ten dollars brand new. Five years ago. Perfect... I mean PERFECT... service. One battery change in five years. Utterly reliable. Ten bucks. (Okay, I put a sixty-dollar leather band on it, but hey. Still one of the...
Just came into possession of a pair of finely-made English half-brogues labeled Skerry. They appear to be several decades old. The closed-channeled soles are indistinguishable from my oldest EGs. The uppers are hand stitched with a higher stitches-per-inch count than my bespoke Lobbs. Any of you know anything about them? Thanks.
The ideal is to find shoes, the style and size of which you know from tactile experience are just right for you. Then, a "used" shoe that has been worn for literally five minutes by its original owner, deemed too tight, too loose, wrong style, etc... taken off and put in the closet. I've found several such on eBay, gotten them for a fraction of retail and made them my own. Shoes that have already had a long life on some else's feet will rarely work for a second owner, on...
Paul Smith = "sense of humor". Says so in the listing but to my eye... the joke falls flat.
Question for Bengal Stripe regarding EG production numbers. I have several pair, all from approximately the same period, numbered in the 11 to 13000 range, and yet another pair of the same vintage numbered 90328 - in the same hand - with the embossed script stamping on the heel cover. Any clue as to the 90s number? Thanks.
In my experience with EGs, the loafers do fit quite differently from the oxfords and I think they run a bit small. I have a pair of Piccadillys on the 184 last - EG for Paul Stuart, from some years ago. They're marked 11c, which I assume is meant as the American 11c, made for a US retailer. They fit well in the heel and across the instep but are rather tapered in the toe. I generally wear an American 11 without any toe discomfort. But the overall length of the EGs is...
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