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Anyone noticed? No new pic today. Personally, I've been enjoying them.
The eyes follow the brand but the feet follow the last. Just think about which of your shoes get worn the most. I'm guessing it will be those that fit you most closely. It's true for me.
Knowing nothing about hookers (and mighty proud of it!) but owning some hard-won truths and scars and delusions about women, I return to the same thought. In the end, no matter how beautiful the woman (more-or-less objectively), it always comes down to the inner life; hers, mine and the connection between those lives. Would I be happy with an unattractive woman? No. But a good-looking woman with inner light and hints of fire is infintely more compelling than an emotionally...
One more small thought. I own many pairs of shoes, the least expensive of which are AE, the most expensive - six pair of JL St. James. Below that, economically, seven pair of EGs. (How much or how little I paid for these is a matter best saved for another time as it is really quite magical.) My point is this: where an object BEGINS its life, how it has been made and by whom, what it is initially named, even how it looks - these factors recede as the object aquires a life...
Henry, Are these the Strands that were photographed rather collapsed in the eBay listing? If so, you've brought them back to life beautifully. A whole size small for me or else you would have had a competitor. Wear them happily.
The best way to prevent such cracking is to use shoe trees, alternate shoes to let them rest and keep them moisturized. Best way to AVOID the problem is to wear shell cordovan rather than calf. As far as your present shoes, accept the cracks as a sign of the life they've had and go on enjoying them. I have a very old pair of Lobb loafers, cracked in every possible way except at the toe and heel where inner reinforcements keep the leather from bending. I still wear them and...
Not me, although I was watching them. Beautiful boots but my inner voice asked "when was the last time you wore your monkstraps?" Answer? "Basically, never. Don't like hardware on my shoes." So I left them for someone else.
The 100 is essentially the 184 with a squared toe. I have shoes on both the 184 and 202 lasts. In my experience they offer very different fits. The 202 offers more room across the toes and over the instep. And because oxfords can be tightened I wear a half size larger in the 202 than the 184. The same size in the 184 (or 100) would slip at the heel. Hope that helps.
All of my good watches, including my late father's 40s Rolex, my 150-year-old Waltham gold pocket watch, Hamilton Chronographs, etc, etc, rarely leave my dresser. The watch I wear and wear without any trouble or care... I bought it on Canal Street in NYC. Ten dollars brand new. Five years ago. Perfect... I mean PERFECT... service. One battery change in five years. Utterly reliable. Ten bucks. (Okay, I put a sixty-dollar leather band on it, but hey. Still one of the...
Just came into possession of a pair of finely-made English half-brogues labeled Skerry. They appear to be several decades old. The closed-channeled soles are indistinguishable from my oldest EGs. The uppers are hand stitched with a higher stitches-per-inch count than my bespoke Lobbs. Any of you know anything about them? Thanks.
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