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Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl what seems to be a problem for you. The problem is that "Impatience can be a pity' is a negative, critical, judgemental and entirely meaningless statement in this context.
Quote: Originally Posted by w.o.e.is.me. it was supposed to be a metaphor for the argument becoming a dead horse. my apologies, i'll edit out the image. Thanks. I did the same.
Quote: Originally Posted by PhiloVance IrateCustomer - yes, i think you're right that its a quantity designation. I think I have these on another old pair as well but I'll need to take another look when I get home. EGs from the early 80s and before had the small number above the other markings. It was explained to me that it signifies the number of pairs made of that model and color in that size, during that particular run. The bottom...
AE has over the years re-used names for different models. Go figure.
Interesting to see in the specs that EG used wooden shanks. And those laces - "flat cotton' - might have been original, or at least faithful to the originals.
Looks like a first class job.
Quote: Originally Posted by PhiloVance Horns - your avatar brought tears to my eyes man . . . Funny, Michael ay329's avatar, above, brings tears to mine. Just different, I guess.
Quote: Originally Posted by Quadcammer Put a pair of edward greens on a guy wearing a baggy cheap looking suit, and the opposite occurs. I was actually wearing my bathrobe. You got me there.
^ Disagree with you there, Klobber. I think that most trained eyes pick out quality and identity by instinct, at any distance.
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