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^ Yes. I have a pair of 1980s EGs made under the Peal BB label. The fit is incomparable. I inquired at EG, not about repair but about having another pair or two made on the same last and was told it no longer exists. Nick Valenti suggested to me that BB, not EG, probably owned the lasts and that after production ceased they were destroyed or in some other way rendered non-existent for any practical purpose. I wonder what would happen if I tried to return them to the...
The Brooks English marked with European sizing were made by Cheaney. And yes, I have seen some that resemble current Alden-made BB models, in shell. Quite uncommon but they did exist.
^ They're probably mid-80s. Very nice find.
The elongated lower-case typface is the logo of Alfred Dunhill, designed early 20th c to resemble the shape of pipes, which were their original product. Dunhill London is Alfred Dunhill. There was a NY custom tailor named Dunhill's. I believe Alfred Dunhill bought them up several decades ago to rid the market of name confusion.
Confirmed C&J. I just compared the inner marks to a marked pair of C&J I own, made in the late 60s. The numbers are consistent.
The inner numerical marking strongly indicates Cheney. The quality of the sole and heel work is far better than any Cheney I have seen, making C&J a possibility. A nice find.
PV, yes, they are EGs, made at the same time as the Peals, on a different last.
Quote: Originally Posted by Michael Ay329 These are very common business shoes for lawyers in Los Angeles. This is the definitive reply.
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl you're welcome. you have a new friend from now on. ps: i hope, i don't find any negative comments from you. i have spotted some already, though. You have just illustrated my point with great clarity.
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl so tell me please. Any time. You're consistently negative. I'm far from the first to point it out.
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