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Count me as a delusional nutjob, but allow me to ask if you have ever worn Edward Greens?
Blue polish is very heavily pigmented, certainly navy Meltonian cream polish. Get some on your fingers and you'll see what I mean. It stains more deeply than any other color I know, including black. I'd use it on only very dark brown. if your boots are as light in tone as they appear, blue will streak and stain without really blending. I'd use... wait for it... brown.
Yes. I have a pair of EG - Paul Stuarts with the diamond pattern, from the mid-80s.
Never having worn a sneaker from the dollar store, i can tell you that I own Edward Greens in which I can walk ten miles, not only without discomfort but with a positive sensation that I've described here before as one of 'well-being'. We're not all the same, however, and whatever works is what we should embrace. No hard and fast rules.
Yes, a properly fitting dress shoe is a thing of comfort and joy. Hard soles and all. Granted, a really proper fit is not an easy thing to find, but once found....
Might it be because AE lasts, at least many of the older ones, were designed to accomodate the foot, while almost every Alden last seems to be problematic for most wearers? A search of the Fora will show many complaints about Alden lasts, many pleas for guidance in finding one - just one - that fits, without being loose in the heel and tight across the toes, tight across the instep, loose in the heel and tight across the instep... I won't go on. And I can't recall the last...
The strange truth is that some shells stain permanently in the rain, or even from a stroll in damp grass. Other pairs will develop raised welts that either vanish very slowly, or never. Still other pairs of shells are indeed completely impervious to water. A mystery, but true. I own examples of each kind, with no predictable reasons why.
You would think they'd want to serve their customers. But Alden seems confused about who owns the shoes after they've been purchased. Send them back for repair, ask for something, and they'll tell you 'No, we are going to do X, no matter that you request Y'. This is why I don't send my Aldens back to them. I recommend B Nelson in NYC. They understand that your shoes belong to you.
Don't look English to me. I'm guesing Italian.
Corfam is plastic. Very fake leather indeed.
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