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Direct sunlight will lighten anything. I don't think you'll need to wait a year to see results. You will need to turn the shoes so that exposure is relatively even. It's a safer method than acetone or bleach. Be sure to condition periodically.
Well, yes, those are C&J. 224 last. That's how all C&Js for BB are hand-marked. Model number followed by size. Below that is the last #. They've done them this way for at least 20 years. Also the nomenclature typeface on the heel pad is C&Js. AS uses a different, more elongated typeface.
They are C&J on the 224 last which generally fits true-to-size. AS Peals are marked in an entirely different way from C&Js.
If AE can do it, Alden could, in theory, also do it. But the numbering is the least of Alden's quirks. More dire is that many, if not most, of their lasts bear little relation to the shape of a human foot. Complaints are so standard that we can all recite them. Too wide, too narrow, too shallow, and so on. Amazing to me that a company that takes pride in their product doesn't make an effort to listen to their most devoted clients.
93605 is the Imperial Burgundy Shell Longwing. Yes, a good line. They used different colors of ink for the markings, no great meaning there. Production number indicates late 70s or so.
Must be the full moon.
Count me as a delusional nutjob, but allow me to ask if you have ever worn Edward Greens?
Blue polish is very heavily pigmented, certainly navy Meltonian cream polish. Get some on your fingers and you'll see what I mean. It stains more deeply than any other color I know, including black. I'd use it on only very dark brown. if your boots are as light in tone as they appear, blue will streak and stain without really blending. I'd use... wait for it... brown.
Yes. I have a pair of EG - Paul Stuarts with the diamond pattern, from the mid-80s.
Never having worn a sneaker from the dollar store, i can tell you that I own Edward Greens in which I can walk ten miles, not only without discomfort but with a positive sensation that I've described here before as one of 'well-being'. We're not all the same, however, and whatever works is what we should embrace. No hard and fast rules.
New Posts  All Forums: