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Yes, those are shell cordovan. Sorry for such a delayed reply.
Agreed. And none of us can know how those old shoes FEEL to their owner, quite apart from how they look. I tend to keep things until they can't go another inch, if I have some feeling for them. This includes old shoes, even when I have an identical, unworn pair still in the box, waiting in the closet for the day when the original pair dies. I don't really want to deal with the new ones, I want the old ones. I feel this way about my friends, my dogs, you get the idea. Life...
I agree that it's a mystery. Shell cordovans are relatively expensive and part of the cost is justified, in the mind of the buyer, by the idea that they will prove durable for many years. Not being able to judge performance is a bit like knowing that one BMW 330i will go 200,000 miles without much mechanical trouble while another will break down frequently and rust after a year, and nobody can say why, you just have to buy it and then find out.I've posted to this effect...
The word "indestructible" is sometimes used to describe old Florsheims. This pair supports that idea. (Walking through fire is a new one though.) You can buy unworn or almost unworn pairs on eBay for less than the cost of a re-sole, it's true, but they won't have any history or character to them. These have both those things and I can understand the desire to keep them at any cost.
Vintage Florsheim Imperials without a doubt. I love the way this pair looks. They've had a life. As others have said, these were very well made shoes and if you still enjoy them, they are worth restoring. i wouldn't try to make the uppers look new by over-finishing. They are what "distressed" shoes can only aspire to resemble. These are the real deal.
How do you fit both legs into one pant leg like that???Kidding. Nice shoes.
Hmm. I own a blue harness leather belt, a nice object. I have worn it exactly zero times because it doesn't go with anything. Maybe faded black shoes and jeans? Any enlightenment welcome.
Yes, too much. It's also brain-dead on the part of the store's staff. Once the photos were sent, you've got them to download, distribute or... sell to the Metropolitan Museum. What are they afraid of??
Brooks English were made by several manufacturers over the years. If they have a European size they are almost certainly made by Cheaney. Not bad, not great.
Direct sunlight will lighten anything. I don't think you'll need to wait a year to see results. You will need to turn the shoes so that exposure is relatively even. It's a safer method than acetone or bleach. Be sure to condition periodically.
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