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Yes, they were made by EG. The all-leather heel with close-set nails dates them quite early. By the mid-70s they were already using a leather heel with rubber top lift. And while accepted wisdom has said that Brooks Brothers began offering ready-made Peals in 1965 when the bespoke Peal operation ceased, I have seen a newspaper advertisement for Brooks Brothers offering Peal shoes, ready-made. It is dated 1936. I don't think these are that old, but I'd place them in the 60s.
Pecard's, which many people favor for boots and heavy leather shoes, seems very similar to Vaseline, in look, feel and smell. I tried Pecard's a couple of times but then stopped using it because it seemed to sit on the surface forever, never absorb, and prevent further shine. Anyone know whether it is in fact petroleum based?
Beautiful work, in both design and execution. Thanks for sharing.
Bostonian used to be a first rate American brand. The older the better. Back in the 50s and 60s their offerings were on a par with the best of Alden and Florsheim.
Pair 1 are EG - made any time before the mid 80s Pair 2 are C&J - made any time after mid 80s
So it seems to me as well. But in the early John Lobb St James catalogue, (from the 30s I believe), they refer several to times to broguing as lending strength to a shoe as it twists and flexes. I wonder whether the spaces created in broguing give the leather somewhere to 'go' in such circumstances, preventing tearing. Any thoughts?
Thanks for the replies. I'm not at all hesitant to wear it - the cut, proportions, lapels, stance and vents are all excellent, as is the fit. The tweed is a very subtle grey heather. Just curious as to when it was made. My jackets and suits, and my memory of those I've worn in my adult life, all have three or four sleeve buttons. The two on each sleeve of this jacket are not widely-spaced, btw, but "kiss".
Yesterday I picked up an unworn Magee Donegal tweed sport jacket with double vent. The sleeves have two buttons. Anyone know for sure when two button sleeves gave way to three? I'm guessing sometime in the 60s but a definitive opinion would be appreciated. Thanks.
True about the footbed replacement. The two pair you've posted look unworn or almost so. I assume whatever is on the sockliner is original.
Older shell is definitely a different substance from current production. I've ask Nick Horween, in a couple of threads, to please tell us if the tanning procedure has been altered. No reply yet. The old shell is colored differently, reacts to water differently and feels smoother, in my experience. It may also be thicker, hard to tell as edges can be skived.Those look great, btw.
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