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Regarding discrepancies between the wooden lasts and resin lasts identified as the same size... wood shrinks across the grain, but not along it, over time. (A wooden cylinder turned on a lathe will be perfectly round in section when new but decades later will have shrunk to an oval.) Assuming it has been cut with its grain running lengthwise, a near certainty, a specific wooden last made years ago will now be shrunken across its grain, so a shoe made on it will be smaller...
Stiefel means boots in German, don't know if this makes it better or worse. Indeed, it's a second "N" word, always best avoided.
Beautiful Peals. They pre-date 1965. Size is 952 or 9 1/2 B, UK sizing. The Peal rtw models were made by EG from 1965 until the late 70s or so. I believe yours were made in the original Peal workshop. They supplied BB with rtw models as early as 1936.
It depends on what you mean by 'overseas'. Wright offered a line of English-made shoes, which did not have the arch-preserver construction. They were made by Sanders, not bad and not great. I've never owned any except the American production although I have seen shoes on line bearing the Wright name which look to have been made in Italy or in Asia. It's a safe bet that these don't hold up to the originals. I could offer a guess that as with other American manufacturers,...
The early, union-made Arch Preservers are excellent shoes. As is so often true, the older the shoe, the higher the quality. They are not easy to date with precision, but if you can find a pair with a sewn-in cloth label you will have made a score. They are generally on a par with vintage Florsheims from the same period.
Cover the stain with baking soda or talcum powder and let it sit for a day or so. Much of the oil should be absorbed.
I just acquired a pair with the Arthur Barker logo on the sockliner. Certainly made to a higher level of quality than any Barkers I have seen. Channeled soles and beveled waists. On visual inspection they seem on a par with EG. Have yet to wear them. Oddly there are no interior markings at all indicating size, production number, etc.
Thank you for the superb reply. Mine are marked X765. They are marked England rather than Great Britain on the sole and sock liner and the width is expressed by a letter rather than the model names used to designate width from '70 or so onward. The quality of the shell is consistent with older shells from American makers, the clarity and depth of color. Current production seems an altogether different thing. A few years ago I wrote to Nick Horween to ask whether the...
I just picked up a pair of shell PTBs clearly stamped "Brooks Brothers Made in England" on the sole, and bearing the Brooks English sock liner. What strikes me is that among the interior markings is "M58", apparently the exact last on which Alden now makes, as they have for some years, the identical shoe. (The difference between Alden's Barrie-lasted ptb and the BB on the M58 is clear at fifty feet.) And, apart from minor distinctions such as number of stitches per inch,...
DWF ... Placement of the quotation marks.
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