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Hi Steve. Payment sent for 15 BBGF hangers (all size 17.25" wide). Thanks again. Andy
I'll take it. PM sent. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo I... don't think you've ever seen a vagina. Now, I beg to differ......Any SFer should have a mirror in his/her/heshe house. I keed, I keed.
PM sent for the Aver jacket and the Cambodian Children Trust donateion. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by agjiffy I will buy those Vales. Just let me know how to pay. A 2nd in line for the Lobbs if the first deal fell through. Thanks.
Jaspar. I'll take the Edifice. PM sent. Thanks
Measurements on the first jacket please. Thanks.
Very nice C. What does the "R" inside the shoe means? Thanks.
Can you post pictures of the sole of the longwings?? Thanks
I just bought two dozens of the RL unstained and unlacquered shoe trees and will be staining and lacquered then for a better look. I have enough shoes in my rotation that I can get by wearing a pair once every other week. So moisture accumulation is not a problem and ussually is gone overnight anyway. I will only be using the trees to maintain approximate shape of the shoes and staining and lacquering them just make them looks that much better on the rack.
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