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generate sufficient traffic to your blog that they take notice and they will invite you
I just commissioned a pair of shoes from Zees too. It's too expensive to order the big brands here. I asked for goodyear welted and unpolished as well based solely on the reviews found in the thread.
guys, please have a look at westcomb outerwear as the pricing is similar to all the big brands and it's made in north america. I suspect they also produce for some of the bigger fashion brands that are mentioned in this thread - look for local production and you will understand.
I find the c-change fabric to not work well. For the high price one may as well buy the membranes - eVent and Neoshell.
turn around time if you go in the morning is usually a few hours so you can pick up or they can drop off at your hotel in the evening. The tailors in HK have it down to an art especially if your body size is normal and generic
outlier charges a hefty premium for using technical fabrics. Their meraino wool tshirts cost more than icebreaker. if you want high tech fabrics in tailored designs, take a look at the arc'teryx veilance line -
I use Karman Tailor on Robson street. They're good but pricey. If it can wait, take it to Stitch Well in Burnaby - 7671 6th St, Burnaby, BC V3N 3M8 (778) 397-2062 . I got a bunch of dress shirts taken in for $12/shirt (body and sleeve).
your description sounds like it's a Canada Goose down jacket
holts is known to be a rip-off at the best of times. You guys need to make a trip across the border.
I received the jeans this week. I should've sized 2 down instead of 1 down. I'm a 30 and bought a 29 which fits roomy. I could've easily fit a 28
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