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Another drop. Thanks
Cordovan ?? Beautiful Santoni in cordovan. Unfortunately, not my size
Have you put your jacket outside on the sidewalk to take pictures ???? Kind of dirty place, no ?
Gloverall Duffle Coat is SOLD Price drop on the Weston and the Geox
Florsheim are sold. Thanks!
Dack's boots are sold.
Quote: Originally Posted by z_finley Nice furniture! Thanks! I am a BIG fan of Eames . I also have the molded plywood dining chairs in another room and the Eames molded plastic chairs in white around the table in the pictures
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 Great stuff and great prices! Thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by Biggen Could you provide some measurements on the Gloverall? It's tagged XL but I guess it could technically be considered a XXL Chest : 29" Shoulders : 24" Sleeves : 26" Lenght : 44"
Some pairs of shoes for sale (all size are US size) and a Gloverall Duffle Coat: # 3 J.M Weston model #741 in black with Vibram style rubber sole (very similar to the model «Le Golf» #541) – size 8,5 D (they fit like a 42) – measurement : outside length 11” ¾ , outside width 4”, inside length 11”1/4. Worn less than 10 time. Very good condition except for two small scratches in the front and in the back of the same shoe (see pictures). Retail at $750. Price :...
VERY nice! Great job.
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