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Dack's boots are sold.
Quote: Originally Posted by z_finley Nice furniture! Thanks! I am a BIG fan of Eames . I also have the molded plywood dining chairs in another room and the Eames molded plastic chairs in white around the table in the pictures
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 Great stuff and great prices! Thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by Biggen Could you provide some measurements on the Gloverall? It's tagged XL but I guess it could technically be considered a XXL Chest : 29" Shoulders : 24" Sleeves : 26" Lenght : 44"
Some pairs of shoes for sale (all size are US size) and a Gloverall Duffle Coat: # 3 J.M Weston model #741 in black with Vibram style rubber sole (very similar to the model «Le Golf» #541) – size 8,5 D (they fit like a 42) – measurement : outside length 11” ¾ , outside width 4”, inside length 11”1/4. Worn less than 10 time. Very good condition except for two small scratches in the front and in the back of the same shoe (see pictures). Retail at $750. Price :...
VERY nice! Great job.
Bump : still for trade but also for sale at $320 including shipping in North America
Thanks Once again, they are really beautiful!
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Latest arrivals from the fancy cowboy boots store Very nice! Excuse my ignorance but what is the "fancy cowboy boots store" ? Thanks
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